Melissa FreemanMy name is Melissa Freeman. I live in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. I am a freelance website developer working in WordPress.

Mind Your Own Website is the name I made up for my IT and website consulting business, when I left Dimension Data and started working for myself in 2004.

About me

My first programming language was BASIC, which I used to program games out of a textbook into a Tandy computer when I was 8 years old. I enjoyed Computer Science in high school, learning to program Karel the robot (turnleft, turnright, move) in Year 7, and Pascal from Year 8 to Year 10, where I was one of two girls at Merewether High School who chose Computer Science as an elective (and came first).

I launched my career in IT with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Technology at UNSW, with a Co-op scholarship and internships at three major companies in Sydney. At UNSW, I learned to program in C in first year, Java in second year, along with database design, software analysis and design, accounting, economics, and theory of education. I graduated in 2000, perfectly timed with the dot-com crash.

Happily, I had a graduate position secured with Dimension Data, spending the next several years integrating cutting edge call centre telecommunications technology at CBA, followed by projects for the Australian Tax Office, and RTA (now Transport NSW), among others. I completed certification in Java, and learned C# on the job via a few web-based projects (adding HTML and CSS to the toolkit) using Microsoft’s .NET Framework.

What I do

When I left Dimension Data, I was keen to try out open source (free!) content management (CMS) platforms. In the next few years, I made dozens of websites on the platform Website Baker, which at the time was the most user-friendly open source CMS I could find.

Since 2013, I have been focusing on WordPress, as the platform of choice for a blog or information site, and WooCommerce for WordPress for eCommerce. All the websites I design are responsive, working for mobile/tablet/PC from the start, without making a separate mobile website. I can explain SEO to you in plain English, and make your content search-engine friendly.

Most of my business comes through friends and customer referrals. I will tell you upfront that I am not the cheapest option. (The cheapest option? It’s to go to weebly.com, or wordpress.com. They are free. Or get a freelancer from Asia.) But perhaps you already know that you don’t want to do this alone: –

What I do well is:

  • listen to my customers
  • find solutions to their problems
  • produce a website that they are truly happy with
  • communicate without jargon
  • commit to a delivery date that I can fulfil
  • answer emails promptly
  • return phone calls.

I am not able to take any more new website project customers for 2016.

However, if you are a Nepean/Blue Mountains local who needs

  • WordPress coaching
  • expert help with WordPress theme customisation
  • rescue from a WordPress hacking disaster
  • better SEO/search engine ranking

then please get in touch!